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The L'Artisan Story

Lionel Abello was born in the country side of the south of France (Beziers, Herault) in a little Village called Quarante, part of the Languedoc region well known for the wines.

Growing up in food crazy family, Lionel was passed on recipes that have been in his family for generations. From a young age, he loved cooking many beautiful and traditional products, that now make up the core of his product range, which he happily shares with his satisfied customers. His pantry in his family home in France was always stocked of jars filled with anything from vegetables from their garden, to amazingly tasty patés, terrines , Rillettes or confit duck.

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Naturally, this lead Lionel’s for a passion of food into four years of cooking school in Bezier to become a chef.

16 years ago, Lionel Abello came to Australia for a holiday and a pursuit of learning English….

Guess what! He never left. He has called Melbourne home for the last sixteen years.

After working in high ends restaurants all around Australia, he is now happy to share his knowledge and passion for charcuterie and gourmet food through ‘L’Artisan’.

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